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There is a non-refundable reservation fee of $30 plus tax and tickets are being distributed on a first come, first served basis.

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August 26, 2019

Departure time from Palais des congrès (12 min walk): 13:35
Tour time: 14:00-15:30
Maximum: 50 participants

The CHUM offers specialized and ultra-specialized (known as tertiary and quaternary) health care to patients living in the Greater Montreal region and in the province. This university hospital, affiliated with the University of Montreal, is a model of innovation in many areas, whether in terms of logistics, medicine, human beings or initiatives carried out in collaboration with the health network. The new hospital’s spirit of open-mindedness allows it to incorporate leading-edge techniques and approaches, leading to a true revolution in procedures and work methods.

Thanks to its unique air-handling units, the CHUM is the only hospital in North America to offer a 100% fresh air environment. The 41 air-handling units ensure that the hospital receives constantly renewed air from the outside. This innovation is an effective tool in preventing infections. The visit will be focused on the main mechanical rooms where over 9000 tons of chilled water can be produced to supply the facility.

PLACE BELL OF LAVAL – Ammonia Refrigeration System with Secondary Cooling Fluid for Skating Rinks

August 27, 2019

Departure time from Palais des congrès: 12:45
Tour time: 14:00-15:30
Return to Palais des congrès: 16:45 (depending on traffic)
Maximum: 60 participants

Visit a brand new complex of three ice rinks with a state of the art system. Place Bell consists of a 10,000 seat amphitheater, a 2,500 seat Olympic short track speed skating rink and a 500 seat NHL rink. The thermal plant is producing refrigeration, HVAC and heating for the skating rinks as well as ventilation for the 3 seating areas. You’ll get a chance to discover the different areas of the complex and ask all your questions.

CITY OF DOLLARD-DES-ORMEAUX – Increased Energy Efficiency through CO2 Packs and Cost Reduction of 30%

August 28, 2019

Departure time from Palais des congrès: 12:40
Tour time: 14:00-16:00
Return to Palais des congrès: 16:45 (depending on traffic)
Maximum: 70 participants

You will see how the city (part of the municipality of Montreal) achieved such a cost reduction and saved 4 million kWh. They are using the energy generated by the CO2 packs to heat, for example, two pools, supply hot water for the center, pre-heat air for the pool ventilation, as well as for the ventilation of three arenas, etc.


August 29, 2019

Departure time from Palais des congrès: 12:45
Tour time: 14:00-16:00
Return to Palais des congrès: 16:45 (depending on traffic)
Maximum: 25 participants

CanmetENERGY is Canada’s leading research and technology organization in the field of clean energy. During this tour, you will visit experimental facilities for the ejector technology, including a vapor/vapor test bench of 30 kW cooling capacity, a two-phase liquid/vapor ejector test bench, and a solar-cooling system using the ejector technology. You will also visit a transcritical CO2 direct-expansion ground coupled heat pumps of 5 kW heating capacity, connected to ten 30-meter boreholes used for the investigation of different configurations of ground heat exchangers.

You need to provide a scan of your passport upon confirmation of this tour in mid-July.

Offsite Workshop


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August 26, 2019

Workshop: 13:40-16:40
Visit of the laboratory: 16:40-17:15
Maximum: 100 participants
Address: EV-2.260, Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex (1515 St. Catherine W.), Concordia University. Located ~2 km from the Palais des Congrès.