Sponsored Symposia

Additional educational learning opportunities are available at the following three corporate symposia. No pre-registration required. Simply attend!


Monday, August 26

17:15-18:00 – Room 524A

Understanding Refrigerant Policy Drivers and Practical Implications

In the midst of a changing policy landscape impacting the refrigeration industry, professionals are uncertain about where new regulations will lead and how that will affect them and their business.

During this symposium, panelists will share their outlook on regulatory issues, industry and policy trends. Then, the panelists will discuss their approach to navigating new regulations, adopting new innovations, and making strategic, long-term decisions for business.

Together, the panelists will educate on the importance of meeting environmental and regulatory needs and discuss how solutions exist to meet both business and environmental imperatives. The panelists will examine the global environmental regulatory landscape as well as the approaches, considerations and lessons learned as businesses adapt.


17:15-18:00 – Room 518C

Vapor compression for a decarbonised energy grid

It is well known that vapor compression is a major electricity consumer and the demand for cooling and heating is assumed to grow. How can this become sustainable as the need for decarbonized energy systems is increasing? Decarbonization of heating and cooling implies usage of decarbonized electricity supply. It means vapor compression has to play together with fluctuating supply – and fluctuating cost. To make vapor compression a future viable and sustainable process it is crucial to state the importance of exploring the possibilities for demand side flexibility, thermal storage and energy efficiency.
Our symposium will give two presentations each showing examples of how heating and cooling can be effectively integrated into external energy supply grids.


Tuesday, August 27

17:15-18:00 – Room 518C

Towards a fast, fair and attractive energy transition – what does it mean for industry?

At a time when worldwide citizens and young people are taking their concerns to the streets, demanding that governments act to prevent climate change and ensure a fast, fair and attractive energy transition, our industry plays an increasingly important role.
The demand for cooling and refrigeration products and services is expected to grow significantly over the coming decades. Climate change continues to be on top of the agenda with the Paris Agreement, the EU 2050 decarbonisation strategy, the Kigali Amendment on a global phase-down of HFCs, etc. For the HVACR sector it will be more important than ever to prepare for these present and future challenges. A wide range of technologies and solutions are readily available but have not been deployed yet on a large scale.
ICR 2019 will be the perfect opportunity to touch upon this discussion. Join our industry symposium on 27 August at 17.15, room 518C!